About Clean Expressions
Clean Expressions provides on-site personal dry cleaning/laundry route service to small and large
companies and hospitality industry. We have established commercial routes to more than 100
companies and hotels throughout Minneapolis and metro area.

Wholesale Cleaning Services:
Clean Expressions provides wholesale services to commercial and residential route companies, gift
shops and tailors. If you are currently using a dry cleaner for your wholesale work, give us a call and see
how we can benefit you and your customers.

Hotel Valet Services:

Clean Expressions has grown our valet dry cleaning service to address the cleaning needs of guests
and staff within hospitality industry. We provide not only standard guest cleaning services, but also
uniforms, Banquet linens, drapery and bedspread /comforter cleaning.

Clean Expressions provides pickup and delivery dry cleaning & laundry service to businesses and hospitality industry in Minneapolis metro and surrounding.  We service customers that range from individuals to large wholesale clients including hotels, restaurants, and corporate offices.